VEX Code No Upload Symbol Shown

I am the computer programmer of VEX Team 6135H. I have recently made the transition from VCS to VEX Code and am trying to upload my code to the robot. However, despite the fact that my entire program is correctly written, the top-right symbols indicating the system, controller, and download options upon build success will not allow me to select it to download to the system no matter how many times I build. I continue to get the message “make: nothing to be done for all”. Is there an error on my part, or is the language itself not yet fully developed? Any and all help would be appreciated!

Is the brain icon green on the toolbar ? Does the icon for build change to a download icon when the brain is connected ?

All this means
“make: nothing to be done for all”
is that you didn’t change anything and the project does not need to be rebuilt.