VEX Code Text newbie


I am a V5 newbie, who wants to self-learn using VEXCode Text. Is there any resource or website that has complete list of syntax and detailed tutorial of each function? is a good place to start.


Welcome to the VEX and VEXForum community! I know you can click on the ? icon in the V5 Text program and it will give you the list of each code.

Out of curiosity, do you know any c++? If you do not, you will definitely want to also learn it as well, not just the specific functions for VEXcode.

This, in addition to these tutorials.


If you know someone that knows how to code well I would go to them. Having some one actually there to explain questions and more is really helpful.

just make sure that you use rotations instead of time. please do not use time. it is so inaccurate. use this instead:

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yeah, you are right, start with c++ might be the first step :sweat_smile:

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