Vex Code V5 Blocks-Download error- unable to save project

We are using Vex Code V5 Blocks. Firmware is updated. We were adding code to our program - connected the computer to the brain, clicked download and get the error message-Failed to save the project to the selected location. Please try a different location.
We tried the different slots on the brain. Still same problem. Tried to save as and rename the file. Same problem. It is happening on multiple computers. Any suggestions?? I thought it may be a WIFI issue. No luck.

This error is an issue of where the application is trying to save your project file. The error is occurring because the project is being saved on “Download”.

Try using the “File - Save As” menu and selecting a different folder location that you have access to save files to. If that doesn’t work, you may need to talk to your IT Admin about getting access to save files.

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