VEX Code V5 - Test Mode?

I am used to using Arduino and tinkercad for coding. Arduino user interface has a “check” option to check code for errors before downloading. Is there any plan to include something like that for Vex?

when you build your code in Vex code pro the IED checks for errors and if there is an error the program won’t compile and will give an error. you can find the location of the error in the output tab. Most errors that are given will just be syntax error like missing a ;

so to answer you question there is already a way to check if your code will compile correctly in vex code pro v5. I don’t know how this works for the block based vex code but I would assume that it just works because its blocks based.


If you are referring the compile code button from arduino (the check box button),

the button I have circled is the equivalent button. This vexcode is fairly out of date, so it may have changed a little bit.


The “Build” button in VEXcode V5 and VEXcode V5 Pro accomplishes the same thing as “check” - it runs the code against the compiler without downloading it to a device.