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Hi, i’m making some programming for my controller and i’m so confused. I have programmed my robots using sensors and all that but now i’m programming my controller and i have problems with the analog sticks beacuse i just want to use the left arcade mode like this. to go forward, position up(axis3); to go reverse, position down (axis3); to turn right, position right(axis4); to turn left, position left(axis4). There’s a lot of codes in youtube and i don’t find any that can help me, i mean, a certain code. Is there a book or pdf that i can learn a lot of coding in vex code v5 text?? someone that give the code please.

Vexcode has numerous example programs built in, some of which have joystick control in them. Try taking a look at those.
File > open examples


thanks. And there’s a book to earn about the programming that you can share with me or someone?

No book exactly for vexcode, but there’s probably a plethora of c++ books out there, which is the language vexcode uses.


yeah i learned c++. okay so plethora is the book that will help me. so where can i get it?

No you misunderstand me. Plethora isn’t a book, its a fancy way of saying “a lot”. I don’t have any specific c++ books to recommend. You might have better luck just finding some c++ tutorials online.


oh hahaha sorry i didn’t know the meaning of that word. okay thanks for answer me. I know a lot c++ I don’t need online classes. I found ROBOTC programming book and it helped me a lot. So i was asking if there’s a book for coding inn vex code v5 text. thanks for all.

In that case then you likely just need the VexCode API docs, which can be found here:

Though I must ask, if you already know C++ well then why aren’t you using PROS with your preferred editor?


I have PROS but i don’t use it. I prefer vex code v5 text. Then i will go to that language bro.

PROS is c++ or c. Same language. And as stated before you can use whatever editor you want which makes it even more versatile.


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