VEX Coding Studio and V5 Updates

I have never had an order held back because of one or two items. This order included a Game object/field element set (shipped fairly quickly), a V5 bundle (shipped august), 8 motors (4 shipped august, 4 shipped september), An extra battery (not shipped) and the vision sensor (not shipped). Since the other items were shipped at different times, I don’t see why my vision sensor would suddenly be held back by my battery. My gear cartridges are in a separate order, the other items for which have also since shipped.

It’s happened to us occasionally.

We’re still waiting for our V5 kit, let alone the extra parts…

We just got our V5 Motors…Trust me the ventilation is worth it. 10/10 super sexy would reccomend

I’ve personally found that while the motors do have extra ventilation, it still takes them a good amount of time to cool down if they do manage to stall (which can happen pretty easily if the motors are set to “hold” for a few minutes past their range of motion or even in place with a decent load).

I’d like to start this off with an update on the reported V5 Battery issues. Our engineering team has been working on increasing the firmware’s robustness. We have been keeping track of all the forum posts, support calls and emails and we are attacking the biggest issues first.

The latest release of VEXos for V5 (v1.0.2) was released yesterday, and contains some critical battery firmware fixes that should alleviate a lot of the issues. Specifically, we have found several issues with how we were handling long charging periods. That issue is resolved in in the latest firmware.

We have also increased the accuracy of the battery capacity reading. Some batteries were not shutting down correctly in low voltage situations as well. The new firmware will not only handle these situations better, but it will also create log entries in the Brain’s event log to help troubleshoot any further issues. The process of alerting the user to shut down the brain in a low battery situation is still in the works.

For now please update all your V5 devices to VEXos 1.0.2 even if you have not had any issues with your battery. If you are currently having issues with your V5 battery here are some steps to try to recover it:

  1. Unplug your battery from the brain and charger.

  2. Use a paperclip to press the reset button that is inside the small hole on the front panel of the battery.

  3. Plug in the charger cable.

If the LEDs start to blink like it is charging, let it charge for at least 15 minutes and then plug it into an updated brain and allow the brain to update the firmware on the V5 Battery. Once the firmware is updated on the battery let it fully charge and you should be good to go.

If the LEDs do not start flashing, then we will need to get you a replacement battery and have you send that battery back. Please get in touch with our customer service team, and we will do everything we can to correct the situation.

To see the full changelog for the VEXos 1.0.2 update, visit the Firmware page on our website.

Another hardware shipment has arrived, which enabled us to get back to kitting and shipping V5. With our kitting lines in full swing, we now have enough information to merit an update.

  • V5 System Bundles are continuing to ship. For the US, the latest wave of shipments completes all of July pre-orders, and the first half of August orders. For international customers, this will fulfill all pre-orders through 9/25.

  • Good news on Smart Motors. Most everyone who ordered more than four V5 Smart Motors with their system bundles should have received the remainder of their motors by now. All future Smart Motor purchases will ship in full.

  • We are currently kitting V5 Classroom Starter Kits and V5 Competition Starter Kits so that we can begin shipping those to customers next week edit: Today!.

  • Vision Sensors & 100 RPM (Red) motor cartridges began shipping earlier this week. We expect the 200 RPM (Green) and 600 RPM (Blue) cartridges to begin shipping early next week, if not sooner. We cannot yet commit as to when individual Brains / Controllers / Batteries will ship, as all of our current inventory is still being used to fulfill System Bundle and Kit orders.

To answer some of the other questions since our last update:

The first priority for VCS Compatibility is for Chromebook (which could be ready as soon as early November), followed by VEX IQ, and then iOS.

Still too soon to say. We’re hoping for early November. However, since not all of this kit’s components have arrived yet, we are not able to accurately provide a timeframe as of this time.

Again, our entire team appreciates your patience and understanding as we continue to get V5 product into the market.

Is the Brain event log publicly accessible?

Yes, you can go to the devices screen and then select the brain icon.

Then select “View” for the event log.

You can see the last 10 events, use the page up arrow to move back in time.

touching an event will show more detailed information that can help tech support.

Ooh, nice.

Can I port this to a text file or any type of file?

We have not yet received our V5 motors which we ordered before August. We ordered through Robotmesh and they said that our motors would ship directly from the Vex warehouse. Do you have any information about this?

Please contact Robot Mesh at VEX may be fulfilling your order, but we can help with status.

I have tried to get information about my order of a new set of robots for a new program. Last week I was given a ship date of yesterday or today, but I have heard nothing. These are for a new class that is halfway complete with No robots. The robots were ordered on May 25, 2018.

I emailed and was originally told mid October, my office manager called and she was told end of October. Later was told our order was waiting on field elements but that they would ship everything else. Yesterday all of the field elements and field were delivered but no robot kits. I sent an email asking for an update about two weeks ago and have not heard anything. I also started a new robotics class and specifically requested VEX because I had a club at a previous school. My district wanted something else but I insisted on VEX. Now I am through the first marking period with my students twiddling their thumbs and myself trying to find things for them to do. I believe we ordered July 16. I can’t imagine why people ordering the biggest most expensive kit would be pushed to the end of the orders. We ordered 6 competition super kits to start the program and are very disappointed.

Unfortunately for my team, that last bit is incorrect. Our August 3 order was fulfilled on Oct. 13 with all of our motors on back order. The V5 bundles arrived October 16, but with zero V5 motors the excitement is diminished. Hopefully I will get some clarification once business hours start tomorrow. Just know that if you have received confirmation about your order shipping, there is still opportunity for surprise.

Called today and got my gear cartridges and vision sensor shipped. The battery is expected to ship in december (yikes) and was presumably holding back my vision sensor, though I have no clue what held up my gear cartridges. I have a competition on december first, so it looks like I’m going to have to compete on one battery, which is very worrying. Perhaps I will get some non-legal batteries for practice. Pretty frustrating to have the batteries ship 2/3 of the way through the season, delayed 4 months from initial estimate.

When did you order it all?

I ordered my stuff first week of September and am expecting it to ship this week… I’m worried now.

Battery and vision sensor ordered June 2nd, cartridges ordered September 19th. Give them a call tomorrow (I think they are closed for today) and they should help you.

Ok I’ll call them tomorrow. Ordered my Battery and Vision Sensor on September 5th, cartridges the 10th.

That’s very disappointing. Last week they were indicating all battery pre-orders would ship mid Nov.

FYI, they had cameras in stock last week. You had to call to get it if it was part of an order with stuff that was not in stock.

It would have been nice to know that; previous orders shipped in separate batches (this order had the field (shipped first), the V5 bundle (shipped 2nd), 8 motors (4 shipped with bundle and 4 shipped 3rd), and my vision sensor and battery) automatically so I was expecting the same to happen.

Edit: Also; anyone else having the issue of having to reload the page after posting on this thread to see the comment?