VEX Coding Studio C++ Suggestions

After about 3-4 days of coding with C++, I started to get the hang of it. It was fairly simple and straightforward, but there were just some things that made me feel “locked up” or “limited” while coding. The first thing is that there’s no task bar on the coding. I realllly loved ROBOTC and the other platforms that had a taskbar on top because it makes multiple steps be done in just a couple of clicks. Seeing the task bar removed on the top really made me feel a bit annoyed, but it wasn’t too big of a deal. For VCS though, I really enjoy the ease of it and how you can open sample programs with a few clicks, but as I tried learning by looking at the sample programs, constantly had to open and re-open program files because VCS only opens one programming file. I think it would be much nicer to have the ability to open up multiple files with tabs, similar to ROBOTC. VCS also does have a massive draw on CPU, even for my laptop which is built for both school, work, and gaming. I still had some times where the program doesn’t respond for some time even when every other application is closed. The auto-fill works great, but there are specific statements that doesn’t work despite showing up as if it were to be able to auto-fill (I may be wrong and this could be purposeful though). But other than that, this is a fairly good software and I am really happy for the auto-fill and auto bracket closing.

  • I miss the task bar on the top
  • I miss the multiple tabs afforded in ROBOTC
  • My laptop becomes a slow boi with VEX Coding Studio
  • Maybe auto-fill needs to know how to be a good boi sometimes and allow me to press enter more often when it suggests something to me
    Anyone have anything else to add or critique :slight_smile:

Switch to RobotMesh Studio C++. Largely identical function library, but not nearly as buggy and unoptimized as VCS.

Tabs: just open multiple browser tabs of RMS
Task bar: exists
Resource usage: negligible beyond whatever your browser itself requires
Auto-completion: quite decent upon first glance

I feel the same about multiple program tabs

switch to PROS