Vex Coding Studio downloading programs problems

I am using Vex Coding Studio with the new V5 EDR brain. I am having a problem where coding studio will sometimes download a program to the brain and sometimes it will not download. Coding Studio always says the program is downloaded but sometimes it doesn’t actually download anything. Any suggestions?

Does this happen with example programs or only code that you have written ?
How have you determined that the program is not downloaded ?

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Both the sample programs and ones we have created. I know the program is not downloaded because they are very simple programs, with minor changes. One program made the robot drive straight, then the change the students added was to make it turn left. The next time, it was a program that drew a line on the screen, then got changed to draw a rectangle. In both cases, it worked for the first part but not the change. However, 10 minutes later, it downloaded the change and worked. It is intermittent.

We also cleared all the programs off the robot brain, so there were no programs. Then we tried to download a sample program. Vex Coding Studio said it downloaded successfully but there was no program on the brain.

I am having the same issues and cannot find a fix. I’m wondering if anyone has found a solution to this issue?

Switch to VEXCode.

If you still want to use VCS, just mash the “Download” button like 5+ times, and hopefully probability is nice and at least one gets into the brain. Because I was running something experimental, only hitting download once actually cost us a match at Worlds last year, and that was fun spending a solid forty-five seconds ripping at VCS to the judges.

Also, although your question is related to the topic, this thread is over a year old. Perhaps it would better next time to start a new thread.

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