Vex Coding Studio (Graphical - Mod Kit v5)

Is there a “pressed” option for limit switches or push buttons Vex Coding Studio (Graphical - Mod Kit v5) all we are able to find is “Presssing”. We would like to write a code that reversed the direction of a motor id the limit switch is pressed but we are not able to do so if it is in the “Pressing” condition that means we have to hold it down? We did find an option under the Control structure for pressed, but we would like to use something under the sensing functions so we could use it with operators.

Can use a variable to turn whenPressed into Boolean myPressed
22%20AM and 55%20AM

Or could use a variable to turn pressing into Boolean myPressed

Either way, need a way to return to
when it makes sense to do so

Disclaimer. I don’t do EDR. I haven’t tested this. There may be a better way.
Let us know.