Vex Coding Studio Help (Unofficial)

So I decided on learning C++ as our previous coder left the team (R.I.P). Now I need to learn how to code this language, and was wondering about how it worked. Is C++ in Vex Coding Studio different than the actual C++? Thanks for any help you can give me on how it works. I also need tutorials if you can recommend any, as I haven’t coded much of anything. (Only two years ago, where I needed help to program 4 lift motors, 4 drive and a claw) Any help would be much helpful, as this will be needed to make it even to states.


I’m trying to figure this out without a tutorial, but an already lost with the coding. Any tips would be useful!


Find a tutorial you like for plain C++. There are many good ones in many forms.

Then get back to VCS/VEX C++ after you have learned C++.

There are example programs within VCS as well so take a look at these to get you on the right track.

Also, take a look at STEMlabs there is a module for going from RobotC to VCS …

Great link, thanks for that @lacsap

No, no more funny C-like language. There is a real C/C++ compiler behind V5, the Gnu Compiler Collection.