Vex Coding Studio Improvements

Just wondering, but what improvements do you all(the vex community) suggest about VCS?

One improvement I think should considered is being able to have more than one program open at any given point.

What does everyone think?:question:


Being able to #include other files

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And opening multiple files


We really need wireless coding. It’s already implemented in PROS and RMS, there’s no excuse for the official Vex software not to have it. VCS is a bit of a joke.


Robot Mesh and PROS are both software development partners with VEX (MATLAB probably is, too, but I know less about them), and have as much claim on being “official” as VCS does. Just saying…


Task/thread selective control to start and stop desired task.

Allow compiling to happen as a separate step from downloading to Brain. And enable compliation without a Brain attached.

And documented support for all the 3 wire sensors, like line trackers, light sensor, and ultrasonic sensor.

Improved documentation on pen and fill colors (ie hex numbers corresponding to color chart), and also improved documentation on Brain.Screen x/y position of pixels relative to physical position on screen and typical font sizes.

I agree on the suggestion for better saving and opening multiple files!

Thank you.

Press that download button without a brain. It compiles and reports errors – if all is good, only error is missing brain. So, yeah, VCS is perfect! (wink)

maybe a ctrl f button it’d be a dream if i could search my silly 1000 line program :man_facepalming:

another novelty might be a practical compiler that points out errors, but that might be asking too much

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I believe that’s on RobotC.

@Mattjiang you can #include files into your programming. Make sure you use the full file address.

Another improvement would be it saving the code automatically, because my team member deleted my code by opening a new one.:slightly_frowning_face:

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Be able to code on the old RobotC language

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Can you use the V5 system with RobotC?

Unfortunately no, not yet

Also having a virtual worlds in VCS would be awesome :bangbang:

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Get the “make a copy” option working and being able to rename a file or duplicate it and rename without making like 4 new files and losing track of which is the copy and ughhh its so hard to just make a copy of an existing file and rename when it should take less than a minute.

Faster load times on older machines/optimization.

Add api for external editor support, faster startup and upload time, less laggy text editor, IDE config (first time I’ve sued an IDE with no config file or settings), color themes…

i severely doubt that this will come to vcs, as the switch in programing language is very minimal

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