Vex Coding Studio Pricing?

Our organization has begun budgeting out our materials for next year, and with the release of a new programming software, we were wondering if it is going to be free or paid for, and if it is paid for, what would be the pricing on it?

I would assume VEX Coding Studio would be free, just like RobotC. Maybe @DRow can weigh in.

RobotC only became free in ~the last 3 years. Used to cost money. I hope they go the free route with Coding Studio. V5 is already a big investment for my team

RobotC became free for VRC participants in the summer of 2016. I vividly remember buying an $80 perpetual license 2-3 weeks before it became free…

and the community is thankful for your supporting the RobotC engineers!

Now get back to making better robots :wink:

now only if that money made the software more polished and less buggy than PROS which has always been free as in free lunch and for awhile now has been free as in freedom. Or, at least a dark theme.

What programming language will the new coding studio have?

The new VCS is much more aligned with the normal style of interface/language/compiler than the current RobotC, which kind of merges them all. The new VCS can be used as an interface for multiple languages, including PROS.

As for RobotC, I can only hazard a guess. My guess would be that RobotC will now be true language instead of all three parts, and with the comment about using C++ I expect they may have moved it from C to C++. But, as I said, I’m just guessing here.

The new Coding Studio should have drag-and-drop block programming (if you’re into that) and C++. In addition it should support other tools like PROS and Robot Mesh Studio from day one. If you want to read more into it here’s a link to the v5 website.

I bought the perpetual license over the 1-year license because I knew I’d use RobotC for longer than 1 year. However, I bought the license almost exactly one year before they released RobotC for free…

Do note that Robot Mesh Studio works with V5 right now, independent of VEX Coding Studio:

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