Vex Coding Studio Vex C++ Questions

Hello, I’m new to programming, and I’ve been stressed about how to use the Vex Coding Studio (Vex C++). I’ve been trying to watch videos on how to code simple tasks using the coding studio, but I couldn’t find any videos that would help me. Can anyone tell me everything I need to know about the coding studio, and what I need to do to make my robot do simple tasks like moving forward, turning, etc. (this includes both autonomous and driver control).

This is the only video I’m aware of, a basic one that explains setting up a Competition Template:

It’s advisable to eventually move to ’ VEXcode V5 Text’, which will be replacing VCS. The current release doesn’t include Video Tutorials, but that is supposed to be included in the upcoming 1.0 release.

In all honesty, there won’t be an answer that can explain everything about vex c++, but I’ll do my best. Before we start, I’d recommend switching to vexcode. it has a cleaner ui, better features, gets updates, and shares the same api and syntax as vcs.

If you are totally new to programming, learn the basics of C. You NEED to know if statements, user functions, variables, and basic logic. Youtube should be fine for these.

Once you’ve learned the basics, move on to vex’s clawbot examples. Be sure to check out the API reference for every command you can use. After completing an example, try tweaking the objective of the code and see if you can adapt. Programming is all about versatility.

This should be enough to get you up and running, If you run into any errors, which you will, first google the error message that the compiler throws (hovering over red highlighted text in vexcode will get you the query). If you are still confused, post a topic on the forum so people can help. Feel free to message me if you need assistance. Good luck!