Vex Coding Studio Wireless Downloading

Hello. I was wondering if wireless downloading for vex coding studio was a thing yet. If so, how do you do it? Thanks. I luv u guys

Not yet - asked before and answered not yet.


Does that refer to complete wireless or wired to controller wireless over to brain like with the white vexnet keys for cortex?

Initially we will have wireless download by connecting the PC to the USB port on the controller (similar to the cortex but not requiring a programming kit). Later we may have bluetooth support, but release schedule for that is not decided.

Is there any estimate as to when this will be available? It was one of my favorite features of the VEXnet system on the cortex.

It’s not far off, perhaps early January, but I can’t be any more specific than that.

On a similar yet different topic I have found the Bluetooth communication type between the Brain and Controller to be a really consistent connection when driving, but I keep on stumbling with the controller freezing up every time the robot is connected via Bluetooth in which I have to reset it(The interface freezes but not the buttons, so I can still control the robot happily). The controller is also slow with haptic responses with Bluetooth as well as it doesn’t show any programs on the V5 brain when the controller isn’t frozen. I’d assume Bluetooth is experimental, correct?

I would use VEXnet as that is what is mission critical for competition.

I suspect BT will be useful for wireless downloads without the V5 controller being tethered to the computer.