Vex coding studio?

last year was our first to use the v5 and we used vex coding studio. We could download it free. We can’t find it this year, so is it available? If not, what do we use?

It is not available this year and you either have to switch to something like robot mesh studio and pros which have been available for quite some time or you have to move to the official VexCode. You can find this on the Vex webite and for v5 you can use either blocks version or the text version which is using c++.

Vexcode is pretty much the same thing, it just looks different. You can literally import vcs projects directly into it

VEXcode is the direct replacement for VEX Coding Studio. VEXcode even has a feature to import VCS code, as mentioned by @Deicer.

PROS and Robot Mesh Studio continue to be popular alternatives.

All of these options are free.

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