vex color camera needed

I am in search for a vex color camera. I have receiver, but willing to pay for a color camera and receiver.

It might be tricky to get a VEX one unless you get lucky, so I think you’d be better off using any camera (and it’s cheaper). Just look for something along the lines of “wireless security camera” on eBay, there are so many cheap WiFi ones from China that you can view on the computer or phone.

Here is just a random one I pulled out of the list, I don’t know if this specific one is any good, so you’ll have to look around:

Idk what you are planning to do but we attach Go-Pros to our robots. You can then use the Go-Pro app to get “live” feed from camera. Ik this is an expensive option but our school is looking into a Phantom Drone for the district to be controlled by our teams whenever the district wants to use it. This way we have one camera for multiple purposes.

There’s one on Ebay