VEX "Coming Soon" Page

@Grant_Cox I finished the web page.

I’m happy to announce a new “Coming Soon” page that is now live on the VEX Website. It can be found here:

This page is intended to give our customers a better look into new products that we’re working on, and an estimated time frame on when they’ll be available for purchase. It will be updated pretty regularly, so be sure to check back often for the latest information!


Thanks for the update

That’s pretty great. Probably most excited about the 3-wire expander. It is so needed. Such a better solution than making standalone V5 versions of all the cortex sensors.


Happy VEX Noises


Yes Yes Yes Yes, the 3 wire expander is finally coming. I can now use 3 tracking wheels without needing to worry about not having enough sensor spaces.

The rotation sensor also looks pretty cool. Looks like it has built in functionality for HS shafts, as opposed to its cortex counterparts


Totally thought this was a prank at first and it would just be “Coming Soon” lol.

This was even better

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Need a sound sample of what it sounds like :slight_smile:



ai camera


Doesn’t the VEX GPS need the code strip to be mounted on the inside of the field walls? Even if it is legal in VRC, wouldn’t it not be very useful?


Well, the description says that the “positioning system is made up of a VEX Code Strip attached to the inside field perimeter AND a V5 GPS Sensor attached to the robot” (emphasis mine) and that the entire positioning system called VEX GPS is not confirmed to be legal in VRC or VEXU. So the wording seems to indicate they are thinking about it and it would include the Code strip and the GPS Sensor. But that is just speculation.


Still waiting on V5 speaker…


Nice. I am not seeing any links to this page within the existing site header… Oh wait, found it V5>Products>Whats New… which jumps you back up to the top level.

Might want to add a link directly in the top level header.

This awesome! Thanks for adding this!

It would be really interesting to see a digital potentiometer that can spin any direction indefinitely. But that probably would only be possible if theres some sort of internal storage that stores its values. On another note if the robots off itll stop tracking so it may require an internal battery that lasts however long that may be (maybe like 5 hours?)
So, assuming the difficulties, I am pretty much thinking the rotation sensor is probably gonna be a potentiometer that has degree bounds similar to a regular VEX potentiometer and be analog.


That’s exactly what an encoder is. The point of a potentiometer is absolute positioning which is not tied to power at all.


Well what the VEX encoder does is it resets after losing power. What I was implying is converting an encoder into a potentiometer by storing the value when the robot is off, and even having its own independant power source to track the axle position even when the robot is off. Basically emulating what a potentiometer does except with infinite rotations.

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this would be very difficult to make in a compact, affordable sensor, and tbh I kind of like how the encoder resets, and how it tracks the change in rotation, not the absolute rotation.

I am happy to see a 360 degree potentiometer, hopefully this one will have some hard stops so it can’t be broken so easily.


There are commercially available encoders with internal memory and battery backup. They’re still not potentiometers.

There are also continuous (infinite) rotation potentiometers with no dependence on battery power.




I guess I didnt read that. Ok thats very epic.