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so is it an encoder or a potentiometer?
the phrase “absolute encoder” suggests an encoder, but “360 degree position” suggests it has a limit of 360 degrees of freedom? can someone clarify if this is an encoder or a potentiometer?


While this phraseology is confusing, as I understand it this is an encoder which can be rotated infinitely in either direction. However I don’t know how the potentiometer aspect works.

I am inclined to believe it is actually a magnetometer, and not a potentiometer or encoder. I may be wrong though.


It is a potentiometer because on the website it says:

This directly implies that it functions exactly like a potentiometer and has a limited range of motion as well.


It may not be specified to be either of these sensors, but it functions in the same way as a potentiometer. Vex is giving generic names to their sensors now for some reason like the “vision sensor” or “rotation sensor”. I think they’re doing this to encourage newer teams to use sensors and not feel intimidated by these old non-descriptive names.

I believe this is incorrect.

As I understand it this is a combination of an encoder and potentiometer, which is why the simple name “rotation sensor” was given. (No, I do not have much evidence to back this, and no, I do not how how something like this would be implemented.)

Could be either or, I just know the way a potentiometer works. It uses a resistor to track potential difference. You can’t overlap rotations with that kind of sensor. This new sensor has the ability to store and measure position even without power being sent to the encoder. That pushes me to believe it functions just like a potentiometer. But, we should just wait for @DRow to make an official statement on this.

To say the least, it looks like a lot of people are excited for this particular sensor.

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We have a winner. It’s an absolute magnetic encoder, can spin infinitely in either direction, and can accept a pass through HS shaft.


Neither. It uses a different technology. It remembers position only within the 0-360 deg range, but can also work like an encoder and provide a continuous position and velocity.

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Now that I’m exited for

How expensive will these parts be?

Also when will the CAD be released? I know the sensors won’t roll out for a bit, but if manufacturing has already started and the shell won’t change having the CAD would be nice to plan ahead for release.


Speaking of release, what does Third Quarter mean exactly? Does that mean July, September, or 3 years from now?

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I think that it means a span of 3 months (there are 12 months, and 4 quarters equal a whole). So the 3rd quarter might be the period from July to September.

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That is exactly what I just said. I know how quarters work. I was asking where in that range the products would be released.

Idk. You be the judge.


Thank you Dillon, very helpful.


Fun Facts with Leo:
3 years from now is not included in the range set by “Q3 2020”


Well this is VEX time we’re talking about so I wasn’t sure.

If you’d like, I can change the site to say “sometime in the 21st century”. That way we can be sure to meet your expectations.


Ships in 8 weeks years will do just fine, thanks!

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Yes that would me much preferred, thank you.

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