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oh so it’s an encoder and a 360 degree potentiometer in one? now that’s pretty cool.


Congrats, you have officially turned the thread sour. I cannot control what people say and do, but what I really want you to consider whether or not a post contributes to the thread or not. Its ok to joke around at times in a thread as it lightens the mood of a thread, but whats not ok is giving attitude or not acting mature. I understand that theres different people on the forum, and it’s alright to relate and emphasize with them, but at least put grudges/negative feelings aside or else you’ll just make it bad for everyone. The world is not out to get you, but the world will not hold back if you try to lash at it. So if you cause disruption, then disruption will come right back at you tenfold. Just relax, take a deep breath, and handle responses more maturely alright?


Where did I go wrong? I asked a question, then DRow responded to me with a very unhelpful and snarky response. What was I supposed to do?

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I believe we should take this to private message if we wish to continue on this discussion.


I am afraid I cannot take this to DMs at the moment…


So it says Python was recently added to VEXCode VR, and I’m not sure how to access it?

There is a webinar today I believe.

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Not released yet, couple more hours.


Guys I think Taran is just joking.

On the other hand, I want this stuff. Finally a use for those 21 v5 ports


Not after a competition


In Turning Point I left this one competition with 4 less ports available to use. I am happy to report that 4 ports burning in one day has not been trumped yet by my team. I am excited for the release of these products! I can’t wait to get them in my hands and start using them to code more advanced and reliable programs.

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21 V5 ports? What about the brain our robot had that only has 9? Esd is very fun…


Once the expander is released, I kind of want to try to connect 176 of the 393 motors onto the V5 robot, if I could afford it.:thinking:




Just four? One time I went through 13 ports


13? The vex gods were merciful

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Hot takes…

Optical Sensor - IMO just the answer to the vision sensor. We all know that thing kinda doo doo, but apparently this sensor is supposed to pick up on hue, which is independent of intensity and brightness. RGB value is something that I think might be useful if implemented correctly because rgb values do not distinguish between hue and brightness/intensity. I’m just primarily curious about the hue and how well it will work. Depending on the results, I can definitely see this being a good sensor to use in the future.

Distance sensor - It can supposedly detect objects from 20 mm-2,000 mm away (for us United States folk, 0.79 in-78.74 in(6.56 ft)). While it can’t detect across the field, I can see this being used to line up a robot according to distance from the walls. Other than that, in all honesty, I can’t think of much else to use this for. In games with lots of objects like tower takeover it wouldn’t be much use because the objects are always scattered which just leads to inconsistencies. This is probably gonna be more of an auton sensor than anything else. Maybe, if used in conjunction with the optical sensor, you could set up an intaking macro if there’s a scorable object in front of the robot. If anybody has used distance sensors before, it would be nice to know what this could be used for.

Rotation sensor - Y’all just wanna make position tracking easier. Honestly an amazing addition to the game and I really wanna see autons ramp up in complexity with this addition. It levels the playing field but still allows high levels to be able to maintain the advantages they worked for. Nothing has beaten 3 wheel tracking yet in vex but it’s nice to know that it’ll be easier for younger teams to compete against these insane teams.

3-wire expander - Christmas has come early. I’ve been wanting this for so long and I’m elated that it finally happened. The only thing is that I don’t know how long this will be useful for. Chances are vex is probably planning on (or already is) making v5 potentiometers and encoders. Heck, maybe even line trackers. Imma still enjoy the port expander while it lasts.

All in all, I’m happy with everything that came out and I just wanna see some sick autons.

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The rotation sensor is a replacement for the Potentiometer, and the Encoder

I think that the 3 wire expander will still be useful though.

Teams will have to balance their Smart ports vs 3 wire ports.

With 8 taken for motors,
at least 2 spares for port burnout,
3 ports will often be used for Odometry since the rotation sensor is more accurate than encoders,
and 1 taken for the radio, there are only 7 ports left.

I can see these ports being used up by high level teams, as there is some serious automation potential with the amount of sensors we now have access to.


How? There were already a few hundred chars in that post?

Definitely. Now I finally will be able to make my programmable RGB light strips.

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