VEX Community Led Resource - Lets Grow Together

Hello to any who may read this. I am reaching out as a representative of team 526A to share a resource we have been putting together - and we could use your help.

Many of our clubs members will be graduating at the end of this season, so we began trying to write down and teach our collective knowledge to our younger sister teams. Through talking to other teams in our area we realized a resource like this could be useful to many teams, new or not. We hope that having a community led resource that any team can add to will help all teams grow and lead to new ideas and better collaboration, and eventually a more fun competition for less experienced teams.

We are not only sharing this resource, but asking for help. As mentioned, we have many gaps in our knowledge. One large example of this is that our club has only ever coded using block coding. If you see this resource and have the time and ability to add any knowledge to it, especially in the realm of explaining different methods of coding, please do. If you wish to mark that you helped there is a slide to list contributors at the beginning of the presentation. The manual is still very much a work in progress, with many empty slides, missing slides, and odd formatting. We aim to fix all of this quickly over the next few weeks to have the majority of the basics completed by the start of the next season. Any help in doing so will be greatly appreciated.

VEX VRC Manual

If you have issues accessing it or wish to have it shared with you/gain permanent access, or otherwise have comments or questions, feel free to either reply to this post or email us at: and we will respond when we can.


I forgot to mention in the original post, but any recommendations or comments to help us improve the resource would also be greatly appreciated. It would also be appreciated if you could help us share this with as many people a possible, as the more it will improve and the more everyone will be able to grow.

Thank you in advance!

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This is a super in depth resource that I will definitely show to the newer teams in my organization

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A nice resource. I’d suggest on page 22 and 23 that you change “piston” to “air cylinder” to help students learn proper (industry standard) terminology.

Also, having links to the resources for the Judges guide, game manual, etc. (linking to the pages on which the current year’s games are placed so they won’t have to be updated each year.

Here are some links to some informational papers you are welcome to link to in your document.


I hadn’t thought of that, thank you for the suggestion!

When the guide is more set and there is a better spot to link the sources you sent me I will definitely be adding them.


lots of good stuff here


Thank you! After a quick glance through it looks like there are a lot of good resources there to add. I will have to take a closer look through when I have some more time!

What about adding basic drive train cad or just pictures? I know a lot of freshman in my club this year had trouble building drive trains as it’s usually one of the first things a team builds.

We have plans to under the Drives section in Mechanisms, one of our club members is learning CAD so we can try to do models for the mechanisms. Basic explanations and diagrams of them should be in by the start of the next season at the latest.

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