VEX Comp.

Isn´t a clawbot model good for the competition?

I hope you are joking cause I can’t tell.

A clawbot is a good robot if you this your first robot you are building. It can flip caps and hit the low flags. It also MIGHT be able to park. However it can’t do high flags or stack caps on the posts. As I said before, I wouldn’t bet money on its ability to park. In a noncompetitive state like SD a clawbot has won a state competition before, however you best be the greatest driver around and ally with a great team that can score where your robot can’t.

A clawbot is good to build at first for the competition and then you could add more onto it because my team´s robot for the comp. is working, and it´s based on the clawbot model. At least, that´s what I think.

Hey does anyone know if for this season you can use the brain from last season?

My freshman team built a modified claw bot and they do remarkably well.

basically they changed the drive to chain driven w/ 4 motors and took the claw off in favor of a hamburger flipper.

They constantly rank in the top half and have been ranked as high as 7th.

edit: I should note the driver is pretty capable and isn’t phased by any challenge, so millage may vary

Good to know!

Best Team in State < ClawBot… It happens.

You’ll learn a lot more from building your own design than just doing a clawbot. A good starting point is to build a custom flipper instead of the normal claw. And you can also use whatever motors you’re not using to help add power to the drive train.

The reason for vex is for kids/students to engineer robots and program them. If they use a claw bot (which is not good for their alliance) they are not learning the basics of engineering instead just copying an instruction manual.

So a claw bot can be considered illegal.

I don’t think they should be illegal. That would crash quite a few teams. But that’s not the topic here.

Clawbots are generally considered a joke, but taking one and upgrading it could just be what you need to do to learn about engineering.

Clawbots are decent at the regional level

they can flip caps on the grounds (which are rarely stacked on poles), do the low flags, and get on both platforms by using the arm to push themselves off the ground. I even saw one drag a big flywheel bot off the center platform

Clearly you missed the line that says

How do clawbots being similar apply to a team switching out subsystems to make a radically different bot?

Yes. You can use your Cortex to your heart’s content. If you have V5 I would strongly recommend using it. My coach seems to have different opinions (he’s hiding the V5 until late season).

You are disproving your own argument.
From the first reply:

The rule you quoted has to do with multiple teams using the same physical robot, not the same design. In fact, the rule states this quite plainly:

Meaning, that if the robots can exist at the same time separately, then they are two robots and thus legal.

Also, please, for the love of G2, use common sense.

And not to mention, vex has long given loaner clawbots to teams with missing robots at the world championships. Are you seriously suggesting that such action by vex is just a ploy to DQ teams for fun? Come on.