Vex compatible pneumatics done!

So I finished my pneumatics set yesterday but that wasn’t enough, I decided to make it vex compatible and rc controlled. I took a motor apart but I did it very carefully so I think that I should be able to put it back together. I took the speed controller and set the motor aside. Then I got a $6 10amp 12vdc relay from radioshack (The coil is 12v but the switching voltage is 24v max). Then I hooked up the speed controller to the relay and placed it in a plastic enclosure. There is also 16 AA battery’s in that box to provide power to the solenoid valve.

When you turn on that motor port the relay turns on which turns the power to the solenoid valve on. The system worked flawlessly in the end which is a nice thing.

I have tested this with the remote control and it works great, I also programmed an automatic button in but that cycles the cylinder like a machine gun lol!

If you had read my other posts then you would know that I had built this as a school project originally… Now I made a crazy system that has a micro controller in charge of the pneumatics HA HA I guess I am going to get a %1000 or some crazy grade like that.

Here are some pictures.

I will post pictures of the inside of the white box in a couple minutes.

I just had an interesting idea for vex to really come into some good use. I can’t do it because its a lot of money but its still really cool.

I was thinking that an electronic regulator and pressure gauge could be put on this so that the vex could determine how much force is needed to lift the load then it could allow the needed air pressure through the tubing to the cylinder. There would also be a force sensor on the cylinder to determine how much force is to much.

This way you could build a pneumatic gripper that could pick up a foam cup without deforming it to much or breaking it. It would basically have a set force that it much achieve on the gripper then it would increase the pressure to get to that desired force. The pressure gauge on the tank would allow the vex to tell when it doesn’t have enough air.

something like this should help you if you ever try that: