Vex Compatible Transmitter

Is there any transmitter that is compatible with the vex reciever? Mine works fine, it’s just that I don’t like the look of it.

Any help would be great,

P.S. Sorry about any mispelled words :frowning: (if I have any.)

dont worry about spelling here :rolleyes::smiley:

go to theres an article on there that shows how to take the joysticks, recievers, etc… out of the controller, you could then make your own

I do not get what you are asking about, are you asking about the remote control? I can probably give you some help.

Yes, he is asking about the remote. I know that some hobby shops sell programmable transmitters, the biggest thing would be finding one that was capable of transmitting over the Vex Frequencies and also spoke the same language.

Yeah, that would be kind of hard. Unless you replaced the yellow receiving box with one that is compatible with the new remote. Of course you would also need to get one that spoke the same way as VEX as BMX670 mentioned.

As long as the controller could transmit on the same FM frequency, you wouldn’t have to change the receiver box.