Vex Competition - Bridge Battle

Bridge Battle has been announced. See the News Release in the News section at VexLabs and visit Bridge Battle for more information.

Im not sure of the point of this game…

Did you read the rules? It’s pretty simple score the most points by putting the most balls on the bridge and through bonus points. Considering that they only have a 4 week or so build period for this game it probably needed to be simple.

It says the target audience is high school kids, but I would consider this a middle school competition.

I am curious. Why middle school?

I guess I believe that picking up balls and placing them into something is not that difficult. I said middle school because this competition might be too challenging for elementary school kids and a bit too easy for high school teens.

I think you are underestimating the difficulty level of this game.
I agree, it is very easy to play this game at the beginner’s level (this is intentional).

However, I also believe there is some additional challenge to play this game at a higher skill level. The intention is that 4 robots built by Vex-newcomers would play an exciting match, and 4 robots built by Vex-veterans would also play an exciting match.

Maybe if you build a robot for this game, you’ll see what I mean.

I tend to agree with JVN on this one.

Did you think FIRST’s last season FVC Hangin’-A-Round game was middle school level (implying that it was too easy to properly challenge US high school students)?


Blake, I think it would be a good idea to set up this game at the Battlefield scrimmage, just as a test, as is most of the other robots at this scrimmage.

I see what you mean John, my mistake.:smiley:

According to all Game Rules, it did not mention whether we can take away the tennis balls from the offending team’s bridge goal or not. Then, may you clarify this game rule, please?
In my opinion, if it does not allow to take the tennis balls from the offending team’s bridge goal, it would be a boring game. However, it will be challenging and exciting if it allows. And, it can test the students’ strategy and thinking. Please reply as soon as possible.

If there is no rule to make it illegal, then it is allowed!
I cannot find any rule which says de-scoring is illegal.

This is definitely a good strategy, and one which was intentionally allowed by the game designers.


The starting position of robots is inside of alliance starting tiles or touching the tiles with portion of robot outside of alliance starting area?

Sorry for my english.

If you read the rules I believe it says “touching” the tiles, but nothing about being entirely within the tiles.



The manual does not speak nothing about pneumatics. The use of pneumatics is permitted?

Yes they are. If they are a Vex part, and are not specifically ruled “illegal”, then I believe they are legal.

I don’t think it needs to be that easy. We have a 4 week build period at my high school for Quad Quandary. We start building tomorrow, and we have until our late January Regional. We also only have teams of 5 people max, only 2 of which build.