VEX Competition Facility

Working on the beginning of a proposal to build a new VEX competition facility from the ground up. We are still in the process of converting an old middle school gym, you can see what it looked like in the spring here:

Does anyone have something like this already, or in the works that we could get some inspirations from?


A dedicated vex facility? That is some dedication.

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@DrewWHOOP you know how good our tournaments are now, we’re planning for bigger and better in the future.

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Cool. I’ve often wondered if something like that would be viable. After all, there’s no shortage of dedicated gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, etc. facilities targeting K-12, so why not robotics?


I remember grandesville county having a dedicated robotics space, and lots of places have career centers which I imagine could serve a similar role.

It requires a high level of school board support, which isn’t nessesarily prevalent unfortunately


@Dave_Flowerday In our current space from November through mid March we host on average an event per week. WE have over 130 teams, just in our school district. We’ve had to limit several events to 118 teams because of space. Add summer camps, teacher/mentor trainings, scrimmages, SkillsUSA, etc. it is used more than most football stadiums. Granted, I am the EP for over 20 events per year, so this is a very specific case.


Integrated storage in the walls, including a tablet charging station.

Truck dock and receiving area/pallet jacks etc. Get those truck-dock ramps that go down into the truck.

Obviously big displays and a sound system. Built-in camera-man pits, cameras in the ceiling for overhead shots. Announcer box, stadium seating.

conference space with a side kitchen.

concessions stand

I still like my idea about laser-line markers for easier field measurements/field resets. Measure once, set up twice or more.

I mentioned to you the cable-managed floors already, maybe someone has some more ideas on which system to get.

WWF-style competitor entry ramps, of course.


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