Vex Competition Field

My son graduated from HS and left for college. He has a competition field which barley used . I would love to get it out of my garage. I live in Florida anyone interested in purchasing it at a discounted cost let me know.
Good luck to all this season. Vex program is an amazing program for the kids. My son gained so much from being apart of it.
Thank you
If you are interested please reach out to me via DM


Are you willing to ship it?

do note it weighs hundreds of pounds and costs lots to ship.

not to mention a pain to box up. seriously, seems more of an opportunity for a local pickup.

I would recommend the poster reach out the RECF Team Engagement Manager, might be able to identify local teams who might not see this on VEXforum.


Yes but as the poster below mentioned it’s heavy and May cost a pretty penny to ship. But willing to ship.

Please remove your email address from the post. Interest parties will direct message you. This is to prevent scammers from scanning email addresses from the forum


Where in FL do you live? I’m in Gainesville and could see if someone needs it.

I live in Mia. I’m going up that way for the UF game Nov 11th. I can bring it up. Looking to get $400
Let me know. Ty

But for some reason I can’t remove my email address. If you are interested please PM on this site