VEX_Competition_Includes Issues

I’m editing the “VEX_Competition_Includes.c,” file and I came across a problem that I just cannot figure out. I’ll send a screenshot.
Untitled drawing.png

Could you help?

This error occurs when there is no function declaration of the aforementioned functions. This usually comes from the fact of compiling the wrong file. Make sure you have the correct file focused when you click the compile button. The RobotC IDE doesn’t really support multiple files (at least, it does in the least useful way). Usually, what I do is edit my code with my text editor of choice (VSCode), and just compile and debug with the RobotC IDE

Try this:

void pre_auton(){
task autonomous(){
task usercontrol(){

Tasks and voids are meant to start a portion of the code which is declared inside of the curly brackets. Another name for the code inside is the “body.”
Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

  • [TVA]Delta III

You generally don’t compile from the competition includes file directly. It is expected to be referenced and embedded from the other file.

Start with a new competition template and compile from there. Otherwise you have to add the items like @[TVA]Delta_III said. But then you are messing with the competition template which is generally not a good idea. it gets wiped out upon product upgrades.