VEX Competition Status Page

Hello Everyone,

I have been working on a status page that shows all information that you would need at a tournament at a quick glance.

The URL for this page is

At the bottom of the page, there are links to the Robot Events and VexDB pages for the event, as well as links to visualise the current rankings and skills scores.

The page refreshes every minute, so I like to put it on a monitor in the pit at tournaments with internet access.

By default, the status page will show the current tournament, or, if there is no ongoing tournament, the last tournament you participated in. This can be changed by adding an SKU parameter to the URL and providing the SKU of the tournament you want to visualise.

One big improvement for the future is to make the website more friendly to scouts. There’s no way at the moment to take notes on teams, and I imagine that this function would be extremley useful.

Huge shoutout to Nathan Allen for his wonderful VexDB API.

Also please do let me know if you run into anything that doesn’t seem right during use.


This is going to be really useful at worlds, Thanks!