Vex Compile Error Messages on Bumper/motor code

I am relatively new to Vex, and am currently working on learning C++. I noticed you can handcode the instructions in Vex, so I have also been experimenting with that. Right now the picture of the code with errors is not available, but I have linked below to the errors I am getting on the Block Flow Chart page.

Ultimately, I want the robot to navigate a maze. In this maze it needs to take two left turns, then a u-turn, and then two right turns to make it back to the start. My goal has been to change the While Loop to and If loop so that I can copy and paste the two blocks that tell it to turn left TWO times, then make the next IF statement be the one that tells it to take a U-turn and so on.

I uh… am obviously a little lost and a n00b on this one :slight_smile: Any thoughts on how I could get unstuck? Thank you!!!

Image of error screen:

P.S. HERE is the image that shows the compile error when working from the coding page (instead of the Flow Chart):