VEX compressor

Do you think that there should be a VEX compressor?:cool:

There are other previous threads about this but yes I think there should be one.

Yes, i know there are other threads, i just wanted to start a new (fresh) one:D

Why the other thread provide great information and ideas about a compressor for Vex. You should refer to these before starting a new thread is there something your looking for that you couldn’t find?

What is a vex compressor?

Basically the pneumatics for VEX require you to pump them up with a bicycle pump by hand. They’d ratherhave an eletric one that could b driven with the VEX M/C.

o that is a pretty good idea but possibly battery draining.

That’s one issue power requirements and size and the ability of the M/C to control it are all others.

wat about size wouldn’t be on the larger side? (bigger than the robot)

Most compressor that are available are too big for VEX I think.

it would be like a new revolutionary technology if some one could make a smaill compressor for the vex.

not really I have seen a compressor for lego pneumatics that will fit in the palm of your hand. I have built a compressor for legos but not as small. All you need is a small pump and a motor with a gear on it attached to the pump. the pump is connected to a tank and so on.

I voted yes, just because, the more of an expanse of parts you have, the less people complain!:smiley:

But, why do you need one? Really?

I get my double acting pneumatics kit tomorrow and one of the first things I"m going to do is rig one of the cylinders into a compressor using the Easy C to get a continuous charge. I’ll let yall know how it turns out.

If you used the pneumatics a lot for something you used all the time you may run low on air. So its just a way to keep everything running as fast as they are supposed to