VEX Controller Architectural Diagram (First Draft)


I have made an attempt to document in a diagram what (I think) I have learned over the last couple of weeks about the VEX Controller. In my searching I haven’t seen anything that lays it out in a diagram.

Given my neophyte status in all of this I don’t know how correct it is and would appreciate suggestions and corrections. I will update it as I get feedback and discover more on my own.

The diagram is over in the gallery:


I have determined that the diagram is incorrect in at least one regard. I will be updating it later today or tomorrow.

The line showing the analog inputs being monitored by the master processor is wrong. This line should show that the master processor provides data via the SPI that can be checked from the user processor as to the position of controls on the remote control radio unit.

1/25/2009 Updated to reflect the proper relationship between user processor and analog inputs and added radio control.

Hm it looks like the Vex can easily support 16 motors, just that they limited it to 8.

I think you missed out describing the TX RX port, and hidden SPI ports too :slight_smile:


Not sure about the reference to supporting 16 motors. The diagram attempts to show the 8 motor ports that can be controlled from either the user or master processor.

You are right I don’t go into a lot of detail but I do note ttl rx/tx that are located along with the analog and digital ports, I show the main port and the two ports on the master processor. Is there another one?

As for the hidden SPI I haven’t run across that yet. More to come…


Okay got that :slight_smile:
Oops I think I was previously referring to ‘hidden icsp’ not spi as spi is used for inter-processor communication. Check a few threads around this forum, I had chanced across it somewhere.

I think this is the thread you are remembering.


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