VEX Controller blinking red but still fully functional

I’m pretty much having the “problem” as stated in my topic name. I’ve tried doing that hard reset at the back of the controller and turning it off and on but it still blinks red. When I plug it into a computer w a usb cable it is normal.

the controller has low battery, it needs to be charged.


the battery icon is completley dark gray though indacating it is full

Just let it charge for a while and then try it


Clearly not. Try to charge it.

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that means ur controller is special

Mine also does this but it only starts whenever it vibrates, it’s just quirky and cool :slight_smile:

I believe this problem was fixed by a recent VEXOS update about a couple months ago (maybe even a year).
@bananavex are you certain that your V5 brain firmware is up to date? If it’s not, update the brain and it’ll prompt a controller update.

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