VEX controller & firmware updater think my color sensor is a gyro. Part 2


I was referring to this post, <> wherein Art Dutra provides a gyro specific firmware file to be force uploaded to the misbehaving gyro that thinks it is a color sensor.

I have contacted tech support by phone and they have offered to have me provide my original order # and send me a new color sensor. I was hoping that I could potentially take care of the problem here, save time and money for VEX and myself and be back up and running immediately rather than waiting for shipping, etc.

Do you have a color sensor specific firmware file that you could post and allow me to attempt to manually install it through the firmware updater as Art Dutra did in the above referenced post?

Thank you,
Kelsey Kennedy


Thank you for pointing me to the post you were referring to. I guess my quick search pulled the wrong response. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please have your Robot Brain turned off, then disconnect all sensors, motors, and Controllers from the Robot Brain except for the questionable Color Sensor. Please connect the Color Sensor to Port 1 and connect your Robot Brain to your computer. Turn on the Robot Brain and open the VEX IQ Firmware Update Utility.

It is crucial that the questionable Color Sensor is the only device connected to the Robot Brain for the next step.

Please download the attached “228-3012-654-Rev4.txt” file to a convenient location, such as your desktop. This is the current Color Sensor firmware file. Inside the VEX IQ Firmware Update utility, please go to the top menu bar, then select Update > Update From File > All Gyro Sensors, then browse to the Desktop and select the “228-3012-654-Rev4.txt” file.

Before you click the Open button, please double check to make sure you have the correct file selected. Once this is verified, please click on the Open button to download this firmware file into the Color Sensor. This will force the Color Sensor firmware back into the Color Sensor.

If you have any questions, or would like additional assistance from VEX Technical Support, please contact us at so we can help resolve this situation.


228-3012-654-Rev4.txt (9.14 KB)