VEX controller loses connection with Cortex

We have a VEX controller that loses connection with the Cortex. We have tried switching out the cortex and also using a different remote. Other remotes work with the cortex. We have also reloaded/reset the remote using the VEX software to update the firmware and download the default code for the clawbot as well as switched out batteries. We have used the tether cable each time to pair the remote with the cortex. Replacing the remote is very expensive. Do you have any other suggestions on what to try to make the remote keep connection with the cortex?


If you have any extra VEXnet keys, you might want to try swapping your keys out. If this doesn’t work, please call the VEX support line at +1-903-453-0802 or send an email with your order number and a description of this problem to It is possible your controller is still under warranty.