Vex Controller not charging or turning on

Hi all,

My controller ran out of battery recently, and I very stupidly assumed that it was like v4 where batteries have to be replaced. I took apart the casing, realized that it’s rechargeable, and put it back together. It doesn’t seem to be accepting charge at all now, even after being charged overnight. It hasn’t turned on since it ran out of battery. Is there any easy way to tell if it’s just dead? If so, is it repairable? Could the battery have been shaken and taken off of its mounting point by me taking apart the casing? And can I fix that if that’s the issue?

Maybe try a hard reset? I know on the back of the controller there’s a button. You might have to hold it for a certain amount of time. See if there are other threads relating to your problem to get answers.

a part could have fell out that u need for charging. try to find out if u missing any parts. since u did say u took it apart. or the back of controller might not be fully on so u might can try to push it on more (not too forcefully) to c if it not put on properly and the back could be blocking charging port

Tried a reset, unfortunately it’s still not turning on

What could have fallen out besides the buttons? Is there some specific part that I should look for? Also, it seems to be fully together. I’m able to plug the micro usb into the charging port fine.

small button on the back of the remote, looks like a screw hole, hold it for a couple of seconds.

I would watch out with taking your V5 controller apart because stated in rule it states No modifications to electronic components are allowed. it also states Motors (including the internal PTC or Smart Motor firmware), microcontrollers (including V5 Robot Brain firmware), extension cords, sensors, controllers, battery packs, reservoirs, solenoids, pneumatic cylinders, and any other electrical component or pneumatics component of the VEX EDR platform may NOT be altered from their original state in
ANY way. so you might have to buy a new controller depending on how the judges see it.
if we could have some insight from @DRow on the subject to clarify that would be nice.
thank you

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Give our Customer Service team a call. Our warranty doesn’t cover things like this, unfortunately, but we’ll definitely still try to help you out over the phone and see if we can get the controller working again.


thank you for the direction of help

That rule is so that you don’t get any other functionality by modifying electronics, eg taking the PTC out of a 393 motor so it can’t burn out.
Taking apart something and repairing it is not against the spirit of the rule you your conscience will be clear and there is no way for them to check anyway.


that makes sense
our teams just wanted to be safe in case there was a way the controllers and brain could tell that the device was taken apart

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