Vex controller problem

I am making a catapult using vex ROBOTC for an engineering class that I am in and cannot get the code to work with the vex controller. I attached the code that I have so far, but it would only upload as a word document.
Untitleddocument.docx (5.25 KB)

I’m guessing that the robot will drive, but not launch the catapult? Take a look at the loops you have in each of your functions; when will either of these loops end?

//Driving function:
while(1 == 1)

//Catapult function:

A good troubleshooting technique in this case is what’s called “Rubber Duck programming”; grab a physical token (such as a rubber duck, or in my case, an Iron Man figurine) and walk through the program step by step, line by line, to the token as if it was a person. This will force you to dissect each line of code and what specifically it is doing, which should help expose the problem.

Rubber Duck programming: