Vex Cortex 2.0?

The Vex Cortex has been the same for several years. Except for the changes that were made to the enclosure, there isn’t a lot that’s different from when it first came out. It’s still based on the ST ARM Cortex M3. That’s overkill for most beginning teams. My first robot used only a fraction of it’s full power. As most of you know. Vex partners with Texas Instruments. They offer a wide range of microcontrollers based on the Cortex architecture, could it be a possibility that “Cortex 2.0” will use a TI chip? What about a “Cortex Lite” for the teams that don’t need 20 sensor inputs? What are your thoughts on future Vex Cortex updates?

Based on my opinion, the current version of cortex is just fine fufilling all robotic needs. People used to complain about the small amount of input ports, but with the development of IMEs and LCD display the sensor port is no longer that much of an issue. Still, i would like to see more sensor ports in future generations of cortex, and maybe an integration of a more functional display screen like vex IQ.

I think the current cortex is good how it is. In real life, you have processing and io limitations, so having to solve these problems is a good experience for the future.
I do agree with making a lite version of the cortex. It would not need as many ports would possibly make the cost cheaper (by how much I do not know, but I think the main cost of the cortex is the processor, not the ports).

Just some random thoughts about the Cortex and Cortex 2.0

Aluminum. It’s light, reasonably strong and can be finished in many different ways. So, why not use it for the Cortex’s outer shell? For $249, how can the enclosure be the kind of plastic that it is? Another thing, why does the USB port have to be raised? It robs you of mounting options because of a bump that could be done away with. Also, why can’t I find schematics for the existing Cortex. It would make repairs something that a team could do, instead of making them pay $50 to determine whether or not it’s fixable. Yes, I do realize there are concerns about cheating, but someone could crack open a cortex and make modifications to it anyway. As pointed out in another thread, It would be handy if Cortex 2.0 was modular. Allowing different IO and Processing configurations to be possible. If the main Cortex came as a kit, then you could have add on boards to further customize it. That would be a great way to customize your Cortex to your robot.


About that Cortex pricing…

Apparently, this exists (I think I’ve seen one):

Yes. We have some and I’m fairly sure 323z is using one right now. But I believe those are the older versions of the cortex. That’s what they mean when they redid the enclosure.

Really? I thought this was newer. We got our club’s Cortexes when they first came out, so I figured the not-a-bump-for-VexNet-Keys was newer. Perhaps not.

Hey i could be wrong. But I’m pretty sure those are the old ones.

Also, on the vexrobotics web site, the picture they have posted is of the one with the bump

That’s an old version of the Cortex. The bump is so that the VEXnet key is raised a bit and has less interference or something like that.

See this thread:

Sure are :slight_smile: It says 2009 inside the cortex :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the old cortex. It has worked great for us!

I have found that the old cortex has a problem with serial port linking.