Vex Cortex + Cooling

Hello all,

I would like to thank everyone for replying to this and for the help and hope you all have a good day.

We are a Vex team and compete in competitions. We have had some issues but have concluded that it is probably due to the Cortex board overheating…Would it be possible to add something to the Cortex to cool it down during competitions?


No. That is not competition legal. Note this is an unofficial answer. But I am very sure it’s correct.

You could turn a can of compressed air upside down and spray it on the bottom of the cortex.

You can do that before the competition; that’s legal. You just can’t do it during the actual match.

Here’s Karthik’s ruling from last year.

What has lead you to believe that overheating is the issue?

We know it is overheating because we looked at the CPU with SEGGER Embedded Studio