VEX Cortex Microcontroller

Here is the wiki page for the VEX Cortex Microcontroller

A link to the page, in case any updates are made, FYI:

Is this new microcontroller going to be required for competition?

Also, when is this microcontroller set to be released?

Yay! Another thing to interfere with my wireless card!

JK. This new microcontroller looks pretty sweet. I’m assuming there will be an easyC 2 patch to add wireless? Or a new easyC? Or will we just use radio commands?

I think I’ll bring a microwave, cordless phone or wireless video camera to the next vex event I attend :wink:

Very little chance of them interfering with the robot WiFi connection unless you strap the microwave on top of the robot.

On the other hand, if you want really good, across the spectrum noise generation, your standard 200 amp arc welder does a pretty good job.

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that people are going to notice you arc welding in the stands during a match. :slight_smile:

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This will prove to be interesting. I’m not sure if I might be able to use this next year (dependent on course timetable building and how much money my teacher is willing to spend due to his tight budget) but it’d be a plus… even though the older V0.5 controller with VEXnet would still give me something new to play with.

I’m a little intrigued by the interference discussion (shakes head) =P

  • Allan Kuan

Wow! This is awesome! So since it runs on wifi, will I be able to connect my laptop to the internet and the robot to the internet so I can control my robot by use of a router far away? Can vex make a server to do that? What’s the price?

Sorry if I poked this awake… but anyway…

VEX season usually starts around now for all of the school teams… and yet the Cortex hasn’t made its debut yet… which could be a hassle for teams just starting out this year as they will need both the 0.5 micro-controller and the 1.5 expansion hardware instead of having everything together in one piece.

IFI Engineers have stated that the Cortex and ARM9 Controllers are Top Priority, it that appears above all other Vex items.

No ETA is currently available…

I’m ready for the VEX engineers to release Beta Cortex or VEX Pro units to College Teams (and motivated Forum users).

Rice is chomping at the bit waiting for Cortex or VEX PRO. Since everything is real-time operating system Linux variant.

Maybe a few the engineers might like to comment on that statement !

Agreed, let us college teams play with beta hardware!!! :smiley:

My designs and money is on hold until it comes out!