VEX CORTEX Parts for Sale

I am looking to sell an array of VEX Cortex Parts. Below are all the listed parts. I am located in the Bay Area and am willing to ship the parts to anywhere in the US. The parts combined value is upwards of $800. I am willing to sell individual parts and can receive payment via Venmo or PayPal. For details about parts or about a purchase please email me at To buy all the parts, I would like about $400.

-VEX Cortex
-VEXnet Joystick
-8, 2 wire motors (393)
-8, 393 Motor Turbo Gear Set
-7.2V Robot Battery 3000mAh
-Smart Battery Charger v2
-2 VEXnet Key 2.0
-1 VEXnet Key 1.0
-USB AA Cable
-Programming Cable
-4 Battery Clips