VEX Cortex Question

My students/classroom is still using VEX Cortex. We are also using EasyC V6. In one of our assignments, Drawing a Square, some of my students are having issues with their Robot running correctly. Once the program is downloaded to the Robot, the robot will run the program for a split second, then stop, then run for a split second, then stop, etc…There are no issues with the program itself. I have even tried a different Microcontroller and Battery, but this still seems to persist. My kits are about 10-12 years old and we haven’t been able to upgrade to V5 or anything yet to this point.

Some of my students robots are running correctly and have no issues, but some aren’t.

Can anyone help me with this issue, as I’m at a loss as to why this is happening. Thank you for your time!

My guess is loose battery. The battery connectors inside the cortex would wear out and vex would replace them. Iirc black connectors inside wore out faster and they upgraded to white connectors.


Even if the program is correct, it might help to share it so that we can have better insight into what the robot is trying to do.

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Do you use any integrated motor encoders (IMEs)?

They may be resetting due to bad wiring connections as well.