Vex Cortex With Standard Servo

My team participates in BEST robotics and as such is required to use the provided kit. This kit uses a standard VEX Cortex (not v5) and standard Futaba S3004 servos. The servos have a working range of 180 degrees. However, in programming them with Robot C, we can only get a max of about 120 degrees of rotation. Is there a way to program it to use the full 180 degrees?

Welcome to the forum Kevin. As I recall the VEX Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) doesn’t follow the standby hobby format. So you may not be able to get it to move past 120 degrees.

You may have better luck reaching out to some of the seasoned BEST competitors to see what they do.


I can’t immediately find the pwm specs for that motor but the vex cortex does
1-2 ms and that is what is listed in this random hobby servo tutorial. Back when vex made cortex they were totally following industry standards for hobby stuff so I am actually surprised it doesn’t just work.

Just to be clear you are commanding the motor with -127 and 127 correct?