VEX crowd funding

I am thinking about using crowd funding to help fund my team, so i am wondering how many other people have done it. Was it successful? What website, (Kickstarter, Indigogo, ect.) and any other helpful tips. Thanks! :smiley:

Some good examples i found:

I’ve known of at least two clubs who have used, and got reasonable results. Typically I think you need to have those sorts of sites linked to from some other media source, for example articles in your local newspaper, etc. spotlighting your teams.

Of course I think all sites of that kind skim some percentage off of the donations, but it makes it convenient for donations from the general public.

We made 0 dollars using indigogo. I was very dissapointed simply because i thought we would do really well. I cant confirm this but if i Had to guess, the teams that did really well had asked family and friends to contribute theough the site instead of with a check. Couls be wrong but thats quite a bit of money to crowdfund otherwise… has gotten my team some parts in the past. It works if there is a Chevron facility in your local area because they do a program called ‘fuelyourschool’ once a year that funds up to $2000