VEX Cube Lift With Only One Motor

I am trying to make a Vex lift that will pick up a cube and place it on a 10 inch platform. The only problem is that I only have one motor to do so. is it possible to make a 1 motor lift tall enough to lift the cube and put it on the 10 inch platform?

Extra information:
Platform: 10 inches
Cube: 6.5 inches
Only have 1 motor to do so.

It is possible. Is this for your own competition or for viqc? You can gear down the motor using the smallest gear at the motor and connecting it to the biggest gear.

Im using it for Vex Squared Away, which is the first part until VEX Worlds. These competitions say that you can only have 6 motors and i used all other 5 motors for other things on the robot so i only had 1 motor left to make the lift for the cubes.

You can definitely make the arm that you want to. Just make sure that you add a strong gear ratio. Once you do this, make sure that your actual arm is in size and you should be good.

that answered my question, Thank You!!

I have a 1motor 4 bar but I don’t know if it has to stay under the 15 inches for size or not.

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Thank You!

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