Vex Definition?

Has anybody realized what the definition of Vex is?

Neither VEX nor EDR are acronyms or have some official dictionary definition, they’re brand names, like Pepsi is just a brand name.

defenition of vex - make someone feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.

Really? EDR doesn’t stand for anything? I thought it was an acronym for “education design & robotics” or something like that. Why have three random letters that don’t spell anything you can pronounce? They might as well call it “VEX QMF” or something.

EDR: Enterprise data replication (EDR) is the process of copying or moving enterprise data from one storage system to another. … In contrast, EDR tools work with multiple sources of data and types of databases in a heterogeneous environment.
And VEX Terms for EDR: Engineering Design and Robotics (Not Education Design and Robotics, as what I heard)
I think VEX is just the name of the company… But the word “Vex” means to make someone feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.

Thanks, that clears things up. (for me anyways)

EDR might have been created from an acronym, and might have originally had a meaning (which is what at seems like), but at the moment officially it has no definition.

See the post from VEX Support:

Ya I looked and found a lot of old things referencing it standing for educational robotics so I assumed they changed it officially.

VEX was picked by a marketing team at Radio Shack, back at the dawn of time.

EDR is EDucational Robotics. It’s kind of slurred initialization.

Trivia: An acronym is a word made up from the first letters of words in a phrase. NASA, radar (originally RADAR) and OSHA are acronyms, but FBI, IRS, and RPM are not. On the other hand, all alphabet soup has been called acronyms for so long that the difference is now lost. (FBI, IRS and RPM are technically “initialisms.”)

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I am so sorry about that, I literally emailed someone and they said Engineering Design and Robotics… Oops, I should’ve made sure I was more correct and did more research…

It’s possible that VEX has now decided that EDR means “Engineering Design and Robotics.” It was years ago when I asked a VEX manager the question, and he told me “Educational Robotics.”

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Okay, here’s the final ‘input’ after researching more on the forum… It doesn’t have a meaning, as quoted from the VEX Support on :