VEX Design Award at Worlds

Hi, my team won the Design Award at 2021 worlds, and I’m wondering if I will receive a trophy/plaque for it, since it’s virtual.


Did you get one yet?


nope i didnt get it yet i might never get one

Wait for another 6 weeks last year it was given 8 weeks later so just be patient.

RECF announced on Instagram today that trophies and medals have shipped. Do we know yet which awards will be receiving trophies/medals? Is it just all the teams in this list?


We never got any news from our RECF Regional Support Manager, so I will wait a week and come back to you.

Instagram post if anyone wants it.

what confuses me is that recf chooses to post on instagram instead of making an announcement their website or robotevents? Not everyone has instagram


Or here? Mind boggles…

they just deleted the post for some reason :confused:

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