Vex Design: Detailed Photos of Elevation Robots

I suspect that many of us (including my own teams) are reluctant to post detailed pictures of their robots during the competition season. With the end of the year in sight, I wanted to ask teams to post detailed pics of their robots to the Vex forum galleries after Worlds. I’d like to be able to use these sorts of pictures to inspire new students in solving next year’s challenges.

So – I’ll start. I promise to post detailed pictures of interesting mechanisms to the Vex forums right after Worlds. Anyone else want to take the pledge?

That’ll be fine :wink:

I promise too. My team kinda looks to me to take all the pictures so I kinda have the only pictures of our robot. XD

I actually have detailed photos of our bot on facebook :smiley:

Hey! Me too! :slight_smile:

  • i also have us being our stupid self while in robotics too. :wink:
    What’s your name so I can add you? I think that anyone can add me cuz of my signature. XD

So if ANYONE wants to add me on facebook, go a head. Just remember to tell me that your going to the world championships or your that your from the VEX forum or something cuz if not I’d probably be all omg! who is this??? O.O Lol.

hahaha. its Juanki Correa. A pleasure ;). Whats yours? just in case you cant find me

Pleasure to meet you too.
Its right in my signiature. Amy Kanakuri. I live in Hawaii and my name is kinda uncommon so there shouldnt be to too much of a problem.

The only thing i’ll say about my bot through here is that we raise and lower the treads with just one motor and its fast as hell

;). Well Amy, mine unfortunately is not uncommon LOL.

Lol. Ya sorry i couldnt find you.

Rick, 254 is planning on posting pictures and info on the vex wiki a few days before the tournament as an aid to all the scouts. Hopefully this also prompts some action over there.

As soon as our robot is completed, hopefully today, I will post a picture on the VEX picture gallery. We have completely rebuilt it with the new heavy duty gears, and have made it quicker on the ground. There is a picture of it in action already on the Wiki pages.