VEX Design Notebook online?

Hi, I was just wondering whether the points cutoff for not having your design notebook be a bound notebook is still active this year with Covid and all. Will we get the same points for doing an online one?

Many events are not doing judged awards, so it wouldn’t affect your team at all. For the ones that are doing judged awards online, I don’t know for sure (I didn’t see anything about it in the game manual, but I could have missed something), but I’d assume that you’d be fine turning in a pdf or something like that. You do still need a notebook if you want to win the Excellence Award or the Design Award though. I think that the judgers would probably be pretty lenient this year on the grounds of the format that you turn your notebook in.

Please check the judges guide and the engineering notebook rubric for guidelines on how to use an online notebook this year. More specifically, the row that addresses notebook construction:


Thank you @RoboCatz. I was looking for this but couldn’t find it, so I looked in the game manual. That was a mistake on my part.

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So now that we have this thread running, let me ask "What are YOU using for your online notebook and how does it implement the “confirmed timestamp?” There had been suggestions of different note packages / apps / applications. Some of you were going to do Google with individual docs linked together. I’m interested in what you are

  1. Software you are actually using
  2. How the timestamps work
    a) Are there things your team mates / roboteers need to do to keep the timestamps intact
    b) Have there been issues with the timestamps not sticking
  3. How is it going
    a) Things that are working really well
    b) Things that are a mess
    c) Things that if you had to start over you would do differently

Lets try to keep a focus here and not wander off. Thanks!


My team personally uses a physical notebook. Once I finish a page, I use Notability’s in-house pdf scanner to add the page to a note file of the notebook. When I have an upcoming tournament, I export the pdf file to Google Drive and email the file link to the appropriate email address.

If I was to start over I would just put the scanned pages into Google Drive directly (although I like using Notability, because I can add photos to the pages and mark up the pages if needed). That way I can have an easier uploading process and more verifiable timestamps.


I don’t know about the points but I know that in my competition recently we had a physical notebook that we had to scan and send in. We still had the judged awards as the notebooks were scanned and sent to them while the interviews were through a video call.