VEX digital designer

everybody’s heard of legos right? well recently lego made (and has updated many times) a computer based designer for their parts,(which can be downloaded from their website). it is called Lego digital Designer or LDD for short. in LDD there is nearly every lego piece you can think of. the purpose of this is to let people without certain pieces have the ability to build digitally with them. in LDD you are able to choose the piece you want and place it on the open area. the pieces fit together just like real legos and work just the same way. is it possible or probable for the VEX staff to use the same principle of LDD and let users pick and choose their parts to build with and let them have the ability to use a sort of “cutting tool” (because you always need to cut something) to design and build working robots on their computer so they can have a model or something to base their real robots on? any suggestions, comments, ideas?

Isn’t this essentially CAD?

Wow, this brings back memories haha. I used this in like 4th grade!

i could see this becoming popular and widely used as an intro to cad it would be great especially for teams who don’t have the time to master a cad program but still be able to digitally design there robots because its a lot harder to build with vex parts on solidworks than your own parts

I personally see this being something where you take Autodesk Inventor (or similar) and just remove all of the tools that are not needed for building a robot from the interface. because of the people that i have helped learn Inventor, people are always overwhelmed by the interface, even though 90% of the time you are using either the Place or Constrain buttons.