Vex Discount Codes

Hello … does anyone know if there are any vex discount codes around at the moment ? … looking at order bout £150 worth of stuff from vex in the next thew weeks …


didn’t even know VEX had discount codes. ever. I would definitely like to hear more. we are a pretty new team and still buying lots and lots of new equipment.

I havent seen one. I kow they have a space for a code at check out.

We are a new team also… Anyone know if they ever have a sale?

I have heard of this being used once.
A team from indiana i think one some challenge and got like a free kit and that was the way they redeemed it.

Ok, it was worth a try

Every time I buy parts i just stair at it like. I want coupons so if anyone from vex could give an explanation of when and why they are given that would be very helpful.

I’ve never seen VEX parts sold at a discount, we had a discussion last year when one of the resellers was advertising prices that were cheaper than anywhere else but that changed after a few days.

All VEX resellers have to adhere to the MAP policy.

The best long term way to save money is by buying the bundles, for example, the VEXnet system bundle at $400 saves you $80 compared to buying each part individually. The advanced motion pack (bearing flats etc.) saves you about $20 over individual parts.

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Yeah, that’s the only time I’ve ever heard of Vex giving out discount codes. I used one after the online challenge last year, but that’s the only time I’ve ever seen/heard of them.

Actually there are some. One of my team members went to a summer camp and they gave them codes for $50 off a purchase of $450 or more or $50 off a dual controller kit.

Another way to look at it is that VEX parts are discounted all the time. I could raise all the prices by 30% (like other companies do) and then give competition teams a 30% discount, but that is just not how we roll.

95% of my customers are schools, so all of my customers get educational pricing.

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Thank you that is a very helpful way to think about it.
Could you please just give some reasons or examples that people or teams have gotten discounts. I want to know more out of curiosity than avidly trying to figure out how i can get a discount.

Our online store has a coupon code system for discounts (much like other e-commerce web sites). We use these codes for various reasons, but the biggest is for event partners when they purchase fields, trophies, etc. to run events.

We also used the coupon code system for the VEXnet and PIC trade in we did 2 years ago. We really do not use it for straight up promotional discounts, etc.

Like I said, we price every part for education so promotions and discounts just don’t really work out that well in our model.

Someone did state in an earlier post that we discount the bundles over the individual products and that is true. The bigger kits usually have a 20% discount over buying each part individually (like the Classroom Lab Kit, etc.).


Ok, good to hear … thank you … just wondered … anyway … going to order the stuff next wednesday then :slight_smile:

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